Dold STS Designer

Safety switch and key transfer systems planning

About the project

Traditional company Dold, based in Furtwangen in the beautiful Black Forest, specializes in power electronics as well as security and monitoring technology. The product area STS – key transfer system – comprises robust solutions for all safety-relevant work environments. The stainless steel version meets the highest demands for harsh operating conditions such as extreme ambient temperatures, dust or dirt.

Development of a planning program for internal employees in order to cope with the numerous daily inquiries of this very customizable system. After the successful introduction in Germany and further optimizations, the desire to use the application also internationally has grown rapidly. Today, Dold employees use the configurator in German, English and French worldwide.

Electrical and mechanical units can be modularly combined into a system unit in the STS Designer. The flexibility and functionality of the STS system requires a clear and well-structured product selection. The entire Dold STS product range is taken into account.

The planning program contains all the necessary plausibility checks, so that only technically meaningful units can be combined with one another.

Suitable mounting plates, cables and necessary accessories are calculated and appear automatically in the article list.

Keys and key modules can be assigned a unique code. The key path plan is generated from these codes, from which it can be seen which paths are permitted for the individual keys. This is the final result and the heart of the planner.

All plans are saved in the database and can be opened and processed at any time.

As with all MBC projects, our customer Dold has product maintenance in his own hands. New products can be added easily.

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