Merten smart design configurator

Buildings electronics and system technology solutions

About the project

The Merten brand is part of the world’s leading French group Schneider Electric. Merten offers solutions for building electronics and system technology.

Redesign of the outdated Merten switch manager (desktop version) as an online platform. Product data maintenance will be carried out in the future at Merten.

The new online solution Smarter design configurator impresses with a modern, large-scale user interface. The web app is used across platforms and can be used both on the desktop in the office and on the go on tablet computers (such as iPad) or smartphones.

This high level of flexibility is achieved through the use of responsive web design. Responsive web design is a technique in which the look and design of the web app adapts to the characteristics of the device used.

When starting the planner, the user is presented with the comprehensive design program. Here, the user will find the right design for his living style in a wide variety of colors and materials. For particularly creative users, there is the possibility to combine the colors of rocker and frame as desired.

The Smarter design configurator app follows the principle of room-by-room planning, derived from the daily routine of electrical installers.
Any number of switch combinations can be configured for each room. The product range includes all classic home automation functions such as light, socket, blind, room temperature controller and communication.

After selecting a mechanical or electronic insert, the appropriate controls such as rockers, dimmers and timers are automatically displayed. Of course, only reasonably technical combinations are allowed.

The user can create a room sketch and choose from a selection of prefabricated floor plans for each room. The selected switch combinations can be placed in the room at the desired location. The room sketch is printable and serves as an assembly aid on site.

To help deciding which design program to use, the user can use the price comparison. For each room, the total amount of the chosen design is determined and can be compared with another compatible design priced. At the touch of a button, the user can switch to an alternative design. Here, all planned products of a room in the background are converted into the new design, all article numbers and prices are updated in the bill of materials.

The new smart home solution Wiser™ from Merten rounds off the planning. Numerous sensors such as temperature sensor, window and door sensor, or water sensor can be supplemented room by room. The Wiser™ Home Touch Panel serves as a room-spanning control center.

The planned project can be printed out as a PDF file, the article list is displayed by room and as a complete article list.


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