Navigate through your software project with us

Software development for over 25 years

MBC specializes in cross-platform app applications.

We use established technologies in our projects and are always up to date. The more complex systems become, the more important it is to ensure that they remain clear and understandable.

We help you to define the requirements and goals of your software project.

Benefit from our years of experience. MBC has been developing customized software solutions for the following industries for over 25 years: house and building installation, heating technology, energy distribution and renewable energies

We try to bring initial ideas to the screen in the early project phase, so we offer you an ideal opportunity to define your wishes and goals together with us.

The risk that the contractor and the client talk past each other is minimized. Both have a clear view of the common project goal.


  • Adherence to deadlines and reliability
  • Inventiveness
  • Outstanding services: It´s always `customer first` at MBC
  • We gladly pay you a visit, you save the journey, plus time
  • You benefit from our experience from two decades
  • We explain comprehensive solutions to you, without using technical terms
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