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User-friendly and future-proof software solutions

We develop user-friendly and future-proof software solutions for complex technical content. Our employees have expert knowledge from the sectors of heating and building technology, renewable energy, electrical engineering and installation technology. This specialist knowledge makes communication with our customers considerably easier, especially when defining requirements. This not only saves time, but also creates the necessary freedom to develop ideas and focus on the essentials.

Cross-platform applications

Nur ein Programmcode für zahlreiche Endgeräte.

Just one program code for numerous end devices.

Individual applications are the focus of our portfolio.

We often create interfaces to in-house IT systems, e.g. retrieving product data or prices.

Cross-platform applications ensure the widest possible distribution of the app. The app can be sold as a native version via the two well-known Google or Apple stores, or hosted as a web app via a web server.

Planning programs since 1996

In our decades of experience, we have solved numerous tasks that ultimately result in effective and professional planning software.

We are particularly enthusiastic about technically complex topics.

From the user’s perspective, we analyze user behavior and always strive for optimized, time-saving and self-explanatory user guidance. The advantage of individual software development is that the software is tailored to your desired requirements, instead of forcing the requirements into a ready-made software system.


Today, modern web applications have to automatically adapt optically to the respective end device. The key word for this technology is “Responsive Design”.

For websites, we use modern open source CMS systems, such as WordPress.

When the CMS reaches its limits, we develop plugins that expand the functionality of the basic system.

What makes a software project successful?

The knowledgeable user, who is defined as the target group at the start of each project, should be able to use the application without instructions and should easily come to the right results. The user guidance must be clear and transparent, the results need to be understandable and plausible. Finally, we aim for the user to enjoy working with the software.

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