Industry sectors

These are the industries we call home

Heating Technology

Experience since 1997

Numerous planning apps for underfloor heating design, heat pumps, water heating. Heating load calculation, dimensioning of the suitable heating system, profitability calculation

Intelligent building technologies

Experience since 2004

Planning of building installations, motion detectors, door intercom systems, smart homes

Photovoltaics / solar thermal

Experience since 2005

Professional planning programs for photovoltaic and solar thermal.
Roof planning, assembly (statics), inverter design, yield forecast

Electricity and
energy distribution

Experience since 1999

Product configurator for low-voltage switchgear. Technical animations for uninterruptible power supply


Experience since 2010 Equipping and configuring small distribution systems

Cooling technology

Experience since 2010

Our industry knowledge for your project

In a software project, it can be a great advantage if software developers have detailed industry knowledge:

Time Savings

Easy communication between client and software developer

More time for developing ideas

Requirements can be specified faster and more precisely

Computational or content errors can be recognized more quickly by the software developer

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